The Club

Club Italia

This is the body that brings together the National Teams and coordinates their activities.
The National Teams that belong to Club Italia can be found by clicking on the following links:

Men's teams

Women's teams


Beach Soccer

At the Olympic Games and the Mediterranean Games, in accordance with CONI regulations, the following teams take part:
Olympic National Team
The National Team for the Mediterranean Games

Furthermore, every two years, a University National Team (male and female) is assembled to take part in the Universiade.

The “Azzurri Legends” and the eNazionale are also part of Club Italia.

Organisational chart

It is chaired by the Federal President, who sets out the guidelines, approves the technical programmes, defines the organisation of all the structures and is the Delegation Head of the senior Men’s and Women’s teams.

In this role, he is supported by the FIGC Deputy Vice President and the Lega Serie A President and can turn to a Board, an advisory body composed of institutional representatives and great servants to Italian football who have brought honour to the Azzurri shirt.

Gabriele Gravina 

Club Italia President

Head Coach

They make the decisions relating to the senior men’s and women’s National Teams. In agreement with the Club Italia President, they define strategies and set objectives.

Men’s National Team Head Coach: Luciano Spalletti

Women’s National Team Head Coach: Andrea Soncin

The operating structure

From an operational point of view, the FIGC General Secretary gets involved in the coordination of activities and administrative management and ensures that the departments supporting the Club run smoothly.

The Technical Area is coordinated by the Organising Secretary, who supervises the activities of the Teams as well as of supporting departments (Performance and Research, Medical, Football Analysis), the Azzurri Legends, Organisational Operations (games, stadiums and ticketing) and Support Efforts (other Federal Divisions available to the National Teams).

Completing the operating management team is the Coordinator for Institutional Relations, who is appointed by the General Secretary to oversee relations between Club Italia and the technical components and to ensure that the FIGC/AIC convention is being applied correctly.

General Secretary: Marco Brunelli 
Organising Secretary: Mauro Vladovich
Coordinator for Institutional Relations: Gianni Grazioli 

Technical Area

This is composed of the people involved in the technical coordination of the various National Team categories:

Men’s National Youth Team Coordinator: Maurizio Viscidi
Women’s National Youth Team Coordinator: Enrico Sbardella
Futsal National Team Coach: Massimiliano Bellarte 
Beach Soccer National Team Coach: Emiliano Del Duca

The Technical Area is completed by the following departments supporting the National Teams.

Performance and Research

Defines Club Italia’s methodological training guidelines and promotes coordination between the teams’ staff members in the area of performance.  Furthermore, it develops research projects and is involved in training and further education. It consists of the following units: Athletic Preparation, Physiology; Biomechanics; Neurophysiology; Nutrition; Data Management and Analysis.

Coordinator: Valter Di Salvo

Medical Department 

Coordinates the medical staff that monitor the National Teams. The doctors in charge liaise with their colleagues at the clubs the athletes come from. The department organises regular meetings between the components involved.

Coordinator: Paolo Zeppilli

Football Analysis

Created from the merger of the Scouting and Match Analysis departments, the Football Analysis department is made up of match analysts, scouts and data analysts who report directly to the senior side Head Coaches, as well as to the male and female National Youth Team coordinators. The same department coordinates the activities of the scouting network and manages the centralised database of technical reports available to the coaches, providing the teams involved in European competitions with analytical studies – both on paper and in video – of opponents (including individual characteristics of individual players) and detailed information on Italian players seen from both an individual and team perspective.

Reporting directly to Head Coaches Luciano Spalletti and Andrea Soncin, as well as to the male and female National Youth Team coordinators.


Organisational Operations

The coordination of operational, logistical and security activities of matches and sporting events involving National Teams

  • Organisation of team activities
  • Organisation and management of games
Coordinator: Antonio Talarico 

Support Efforts

Also supporting Club Italia are the following divisions, which are part of the FIGC’s organisational chart.

  • Events, Infrastructure and Security
  • Logistics and Storage
  • Administration, Finance and Control
  • Institutional and Ceremonial Initiatives
  • Communication – Marketing
  • Sales and Accounting
  • Digital Content
  • Social Responsibility
  • CTF Coverciano

“Azzurri Legends”

Plans, organises and manages competitive, promotional, educational and social responsible activities involving male and female footballers who, during the course of their sporting careers, wore the senior Italy shirt on at least one occasion.