Federal Bodies



The main functions of the assembly regard the adoption of Federal statutes, lifetime nominations (when proposed by the Federal Council), Honorary Presidents and Honorary Members of the FIGC, the election of the President and President of the Board of Auditors.





They are legally the representative of the FIGC, they have general responsibility for the sporting side and they carry out functions regarding planning and supervision with the aim of achieving domestic and international results. Along with the Vice-Presidents, they hold responsibilities to administrative, technical and sporting tasks not devolved to other sections.



They can hold responsibilities as delegated to them by the President, in addition to being legal representatives when the President is unavailable.  


Presidential Committee 

It assists the President with the preparation of managerial and financial documents that go beyond usual administrative tasks. It examines provisional budgets and the financial decisions of the Federal Council to safeguard the sportspeople called up to the National Teams.

 Federal Council

It is the regulatory body for the general direction and administration of the FIGC. Its main responsibilities pertain to internal directives, the Code of Sporting Justice, Anti-Doping, monitoring football clubs and upholding the UEFA National Licences manual. Other functions pertain to nominating Commissions and Bodies in the Sporting Justice system, approving budgets, approving national and international programmes, coordinating competitive activities with the leagues and approving decisions regarding the leagues. Furthermore, the Federal Council examines the clubs’ means to enter competitions, approves statutes and rules from the leagues, AIA and various other sections. 





They are responsible for the institutional, administrative and financial management of the Federation and they can work with a Federal Secretary as appointed by the President. The CEO also prepares provisional budgets and budget forecasts, implementing the resolutions from the President and Federal Council.


Board of Auditors

They monitor the financial management of the FIGC and its bodies.