The beauty of the Azzurri Renaissance boom on social media

The Euros has brought the Azzurri digital platforms over a billion impressions; they played a major part in a viral campaign on Italian Renaissance masterpieces

Friday, July 16, 2021

The beauty of the Azzurri Renaissance boom on social media

The sixteenth edition of the European Championships also ends with some amazing results for the National Team's social pages.

From 11 June to date, a wide range of content has been created and published on the Azzurri channels, generating impressive figures of well over one billion impressions, and, in terms of engagement, over 100 million interactions on Instagram and Facebook alone.

The increase in the number of followers on the platforms was equally remarkable, amounting to over 2.7 million: Instagram reached 5 million (+2 million); Facebook 5.2 million (+367k); the Italian-language Twitter profile 838k (+113k); the English-language Twitter profile 732k (+139k), and YouTube 385k (+81k).

Also noteworthy is the rapid rise of the new social channels in Arabic and Chinese; in the last three weeks they have jointly acquired more than 30 million impressions.

These results are based on three fundamental marketing pillars: the colour Azzurro unites us; the strength of the group, and last but not least, a campaign that deserves special mention – The Azzurro Renaissance.

In the days preceding and following the final against England, the Azzurri's social media played a major part in a viral campaign of making classical Italian culture popular, which associated technical gestures of the Azzurri, such as, for example, "Bend it top bins", with the Italian masterpieces of the Renaissance, a historical period, revealed by a victorious Euros post with the hashtag #RinascimentoAzzurro (Azzurri Renaissance). Conceived by the Digital Contents and Social Media office of the FIGC, and produced by the agencies Indaco and Auiki, the campaign was viewed over 32 million times, generating over 4 million interactions (engagement) and paying homage, in front of a vast international fan base, to eleven absolute masterpieces of Italian Renaissance art: The Creation of Adam (Michelangelo Buonarroti), Fall of Giants (Giulio Romano), Vitruvian Man (Leonardo da Vinci), David (Michelangelo Buonarroti), The Birth of Venus (Sandro Botticelli), Meeting of Leo the Great with Attila (Raphael Sanzio), Bridal Chamber (Andrea Mantegna), Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci), Assumption of the Virgin (Correggio), Last Judgement (Michelangelo Buonarroti) and Spring (Sandro Botticelli).

It should be noted that the content dedicated to Michelangelo's "Last Judgment", published after the victory of the Final, turned out to be the National Team social channels’ most viral post ever; to date, across all platforms, it has reached over 18 million impressions and over 1.5 million interactions.

The first and second most viral tweets in the history of the national team were also made on Twitter: the latter in the immediate aftermath of the quarter-final match against Belgium (86k likes and over 30k retweets); the first, on the other hand, was the tweet celebrating the Euros victory, which also marked the penultimate tweet of the #RinascimentoAzzurro campaign (106k likes and over 44k retweets).

The YouTube account also recorded great numbers in terms of views. The top 3 videos with the most views were: "The Azzurri's salute to Spinazzola" (1.3 million); "The Azzurri's return to Rome after winning the European Championship" (1.1 million), and "Goals, spectacle and Belotti's bicycle kick" (970k).

And finally let's round this up with Instagram, specifically with the stats from the four Reels made during the Azzurri's bus parade in Rome, which, together, obtained over 18 million views.

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