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The 'Professor' Jorginho hungry for victory against Belgium: "We must continue to believe in ourselves"

The Azzurri midfielder dreams of group success rather than personal achievement: "Me, eligible for the Ballon d'Or? Celebrating together is better than celebrating alone"

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The 'Professor' Jorginho hungry for victory against Belgium:

Just over a month ago, Jorginho raised 'Old Big Ears' up to the sky in Porto, the trophy that represents the greatest continental achievement for a club team. Now he hopes to raise another, smaller trophy, implying European success for the national team. Between that dream and reality lies the next hurdle, called 'Belgium', the national team that sit at number one in the FIFA Rankings, and that boast a squad full of footballing talents. "I don't know if De Bruyne will play in the game, but he’s definitely a player who makes the difference, with a higher-than-average football intelligence”, the Chelsea midfielder said at a press conference.

The Round of 16 match against Austria was a tough match as the midfielder often called ‘Radio Jorginho’ recalled: "The game was going badly, against a very organised opponent. I saw our team getting nervous, so I tried to help my teammates not lose their minds, telling them to stay calm and keep playing as we knew how. Now we must continue to believe in ourselves: The most serious mistake would be to think that we’ve already done something great". Although, in reality, the nickname by which he is called by the other Azzurri is the 'Professor'... "This nickname makes me laugh, but I’m pleased because it means that they listen to me".

After playing for Verona, Sambonifacese, and Napoli in Italy, he was called up by the Azzurri. And now, in the era of Coach Mancini, Jorginho represents a fundamental piece of the National Team's figurative chessboard: "Mancini is a very relaxed person, who gives us a great sense of calmness. He believes in us, and we really notice that; he gives us confidence and makes us feel strong.

Every time I sing the anthem before the matches, images of the path I took to get to here flash before my eyes; it's a moment that’s particularly emotional for me, representing Italy is a great feeling.

Someone said that I could be on the shortlist for the Ballon d'Or if we go all the way in the Euros? Honestly, I don't think about that, and my priority is to help the team: Celebrating together with lots of teammates and friends is better than celebrating alone".


The Schedule (All times CEST)

Thursday 1 July

11:00 – Chartered departure flight Florence - Munich

17:45 - Media activity at the 'Munich Football Arena’

18:30 - Training (open for first 15 minutes)

Friday 2 July

21:00 – Belgium vs. Italy in the quarter-final.

Afterwards, chartered return flight Munich - Florence


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