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The draw for the first phase of the Women's Nations League to take place on 2 May

The draw, broadcast on UEFA's website from 13:00 CEST, will divide the teams into groups for all three leagues of the new competition. The competition will start on 20 September

Friday, April 28, 2023

The draw for the first phase of the Women's Nations League to take place on 2 May

The National Women's team are soon to find out who its opponents will be in the Nations League group, the new competition organised by UEFA that will kick off on 20 September. The draw will be streamed live from 13:00 CEST on Tuesday 2 May, with Italy placed in League A, the one reserved for the highest-ranked sides.

In a format similar to that of the men's UEFA Nations League, the 51 participating teams are divided into three leagues (two of 16 and the other of 19) based on their position in the women's national team rankings, revealed after the conclusion of the group stage of the UEFA European qualifiers for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.

The league phase will determine the four teams that will advance to the final phase (which will also serve as European qualifiers for the 2024 Olympics) but also the promotions and relegations between the leagues ahead of the European qualification phase for UEFA Women's EURO 2025. The teams in each league are divided into four brackets based on the UEFA Women's National Team Ranking. Each group contains one team per bracket.

LEAGUE A (teams from 1st to 16th place)
First bracket: England, Germany, France, Sweden
Second bracket: Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark
Third bracket: Italy, Belgium, Austria, Iceland
Fourth bracket: Switzerland, Wales, Portugal, Scotland

LEAGUE B (teams from 17th to 32nd place)
First bracket: Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland
Second bracket: Serbia, Slovenia, Northern Ireland, Romania
Third bracket: Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Hungary
Fourth bracket: Greece, Croatia, Belarus, Albania

LEAGUE C (teams from 33rd to 51st place)
First bracket: Malta, Israel, Azerbaijan, Turkey, North Macedonia
Second bracket: Kosovo, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Estonia, Moldova
Third bracket: Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Bulgaria, Cyprus
Fourth bracket: Faroe Islands, Georgia, Armenia, Andorra

All group stage matches are played in a league format, with each team playing one home and one away match against each of the other teams in their group.

The four winners of the League A group matches qualify for the final knockout phase. The two finalists qualify for the 2024 Olympics together with France, who will be the host country. Should France be among the finalists, the third-placed team will occupy the remaining place and take part in the Olympic Games.

League A regulations
The top two from each group remain in League A for the European qualifiers for UEFA Women's EURO 2025. The four third-placed teams play play-offs against the runners-up from each group in League B. The winners of each play-offs play in League A for the European qualification phase; the defeated teams go to League B. The fourth-placed teams are relegated to League B.

League stage phases

Draw: 2 May 2023, 13:00 CEST (live streaming on UEFA website)
Matchdays 1-2: 20-26 September 2023
Matchdays 3-4: 25-31 October 2023
Matchdays 5-6: 29 November-5 December 2023

Final phase

Between 21 and 28 February 2024

Promotion / relegation matches

Between 21 and 28 February 2024