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Italy fall to seventh in FIFA Ranking

Brazil stay top ahead of Belgium and Argentina, with France dropping to fourth. The Netherlands climb two positions and Denmark move into the top ten

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Italy fall to seventh in FIFA Ranking

The Azzurri have dropped a place in the latest FIFA Ranking, which takes into account the most recent round of international fixtures. Italy, who climbed from 20th to fourth between the summer of 2018 and the summer of 2021 (after their European Championship triumph), are now seventh, although they still have a sizeable lead over the Netherlands (a 34-point difference), who have moved up two places.

Behind Brazil, who remain first, are Belgium, who continue to give chase to the Brazilians after previously leading the Ranking for a long time. Meanwhile, there’s a new team on the podium: Argentina have overtaken France and now occupy third place. After the French come England, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, while Portugal and Denmark complete the top ten.

The next FIFA Ranking will be published on 25 August.

The Azzurri will return to the pitch in September, when they’ll face England and Hungary in the Nations League and have the opportunity to regain lost ground in the Ranking.

FIFA Ranking Top 10

  1. Brazil 1837.56 points (--)
  2. Belgium 1821.92 (--)
  3. Argentina 1770.65 (+1)
  4. France 1764.85 (-1)
  5. England 1737.46 (--)
  6. Spain 1716.93 (+1)
  7. Italy 1713.86 (-1)
  8. The Netherlands 1679.41 (+2)
  9. Portugal 1678.65 (-1)
  10. Denmark 1665.47 (+1)