FIGC and Save together as Venice Airport becomes the Official Hub of the Italy National Teams

President Gravina: "In this moment, the agreement takes on extra significance at a time when the Azzurri are also ambassadors"

Saturday, November 16, 2019

FIGC and Save together as Venice Airport becomes the Official Hub of the Italy National Teams

At the Ceremony Room at the Aeroporto di Venezia, the FIGC and Gruppo Save today presented the official sponsorship agreement with the Italian National Teams. The partnership announces the airport’s status as Official Hub for the Azzurri’s fixtures and all of the various National Teams, while it also provided an opportunity for the FIGC and Gruppo Save to express support for a city which has been seriously affected by flooding in recent days.

The desire to show solidarity with the local population was why the Azzurri wanted to continue with their trip to Venice despite all the pain and logistical challenges caused by the tragic flooding.

The agreement was presented by the Gruppo Save President Enrico Marchi along with FIGC President Gabriele Gravina with Head Coach Roberto Mancini also present. Together Gruppo Save and the FIGC expressed their shared desire to support a project to assist Venice that will be confirmed alongside the local authorities.

“The Italian National Teams represent extraordinary values, passion and beauty like here in Venice, where the support of the football family is particularly important in these critical days," said Gravina. “We’re satisfied to link the FIGC’s brand to the international airport in Venice, which will become our Official Hub. It has extra significance today, when the Azzurri are ambassadors for a strong message of solidarity. Alongside Gruppo Save, we’ll offer concrete support for the city and its residents by supporting a project proposed by the Council. This new partnership represents an important result thanks to the efforts of the FIGC to promote the image of football and Italy.”

“The Aeroporto Marco Polo in Venice welcomes millions of passengers every year from all over the world and we’re proud to also welcome the Italian National Teams in a partnership which is of great importance for the airport and for Venice,” said Gruppo Save President Enrico Marchi.

He also added: “In these difficult days for the city, we want to count on the Italy team and players as our greatest ambassadors who represent the sense of solidarity that brings us all together. We’ve also decided to support a concrete project as chosen by the Mayor. Today, the partnership between Aeroporto Marco Polo di Venezia and the FIGC sees us all called up to support the City of Venice in a difficult match. The Airport, National Team and Venice are now one team.”

The sponsorship project, which has led to a long-term partnership between the Aeroporto di Venezia and Azzurri, was developed in collaboration with Innova et Bella as independent advisors.

Tomorrow, there will be two departures from the airport. The National Team will travel to Palermo ahead of the final EURO 2020 qualifier against Armenia on Monday while the Under-21 National Team will leave for Catania ahead of Tuesday’s match, which is also against Armenia.