Emergenza e Diritti Ukraine: Claudia Conte and FIGC Together for the Orphans of Kharkiv

The campaign kicks-off to win an Azzurri jersey and ball signed by the Italian National Team players participating in the European Championship

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ukraine: Claudia Conte and FIGC Together for the Orphans of Kharkiv

An extraordinary solidarity initiative promoted by journalist, writer, and human rights activist Claudia Conte together with FIGC, supported by President Gabriele Gravina, in a spirit of generosity and support. They have made available a jersey and a ball signed by the players of the Italian National Team, participating in the European Football Championship, with the aim of raising funds for the orphans of Kharkiv, who have been severely affected by the war and humanitarian crisis.

The FIGC, which had already hosted some Ukrainian children in February at its Coverciano headquarters, continues to support them to convey a message of hope and solidarity. The jersey and the ball, symbols of passion and unity, represent a unique opportunity for fans and collectors worldwide to own a piece of Italian football history while contributing to a noble cause. The fundraising proceeds will be directed to the facility that houses the orphanages in Kharkiv, currently accommodating 190 children.

The donation will take place online (from 16 June 30 to June) on the humanitarian projects platform of Rete del Dono, with a fundraising campaign promoted by the Association "Pompieri Senza Frontiere" (Firefighters Without Borders). Together with the association "La Memoria Viva," they have been promoting humanitarian missions in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict.

"We are happy and honoured to contribute to the fundraising project promoted by Claudia Conte to aid the most needy Ukrainian children," said Gabriele Gravina, President of FIGC. "The war is not over and many people are still suffering. Our Federation has supported and continues to support initiatives that demonstrate this sensitivity and operational capability. Furthermore, we are in constant contact with our friends in Ukrainian football and very soon we will reopen the doors of the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano to them because football is also, above all, an extraordinary tool for sharing, peace, and solidarity".

Claudia Conte: "I make a heartfelt appeal, because children in Ukraine face extremely difficult and prohibitive conditions every day, with limited access to basic necessities such as food, clothing, and medicine. Donations can provide immediate help to improve their living conditions. I thank President Gravina and the National Team once again for their sensitivity and for making available two truly special items. I am confident that the big heart of Italians and all football enthusiasts will once again make a difference".

To make a donation, click on the following link . This will help bring hope to the children in need.

Participants will have the opportunity to make their bids for the valuable items and track the progress of the donation in real time. The top donor will receive one of these splendid items.

Claudia Conte and FIGC invite all fans, sports enthusiasts, and those who wish to make a difference to join this solidarity initiative. Together, we can offer a ray of hope and contribute to building a better future for the 190 orphaned children in Kharkiv.