Euro 2020

The UEFA Euro 2020 Trophy Tour begins in Rome

The Henri Delaunay Cup, which will be lifted on 11 July at Wembley, visited some of the most well-known places in the capital today

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The UEFA Euro 2020 Trophy Tour begins in Rome

The UEFA Euro 2020 Trophy Tour has begun in Rome, the city that will host the first game of the tournament. It’s a trophy that all 24 nations that have qualified for the final phase dream of lifting at 11 July at Wembley. Today, it was photographed in some of the most well-known places in the capital, starting from Campidoglio Square. The trophy, which was received by Virginia Raggi, the Mayor of Rome, and Daniele Frongia, the city’s Councillor for Sport and Extraordinary Commissioner for UEFA EURO 2020, was then moved to the Colosseum and the Pincio Terrace, where a Media Center will be set up. There, it overlooked the Piazza del Popolo, where a Football Village will be located. The next stop was the St. Angelo Bridge.


The bridge was chosen as a symbol of unity between the cities that will host the first European Championship across multiple countries. There, the trophy found itself in the company of Councillor Frongia and Local Ambassador Cristiana Capotondi. Finally, it visited the Stadio Olimpico, which will stage four tournament matches: the opening fixture between Turkey and Italy on Friday 11 June, Italy vs. Switzerland on 16 June, Italy vs. Wales on 20 June and a quarter-final showdown on 3 July. Demetrio Albertini, who was part of the Italy side that finished second at Euro 2000 and is the current president of the FIGC’s Technical Sector, was there to greet it at the stadium.

The Henri Delaunay Cup, which will be lifted by the captain of the winners of UEFA EURO 2020 on 11 July at Wembley, weighs 8kg and is 60cm tall. It is 18cm higher and 2kg heavier than the original, made of sterling silver, and has retained its historical name. The trophy was reincarnated to reflect the scale and size of Europe's most prestigious international tournament.

Minor differences between the original and updated versions include the silver base being enlarged to make it stable. In addition, the names of the winning countries that had appeared on the plinth have been engraved on the back of the trophy.

The second version of the trophy is based on the original designed by the Arthus-Bertrand company in 1960 and named after Henri Delaunay, former president of the French Football Federation (FFF) and UEFA's first general secretary, from the body's founding on 15 June 1954 to 9 November 1955.

The responsibility for creating the original silverware went to Pierre Delaunay, son of Henri, the visionary behind the competition. Henri Delaunay died in 1955 before seeing his idea come to fruition, but the updated prize is testament to his enduring legacy, maintaining its classic style.

Spain's Iker Casillas had the pleasure of becoming the first skipper to lift the updated version of the trophy in June 2008.