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Serie C readmissions and start dates for National Leagues confirmed

Giana Erminio and Ravenna readmitted into the Lega Pro, while Legnago Salus will replace Campodarsego. The 2020/21 competitive season will begin in Serie A from 20 September.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Serie C readmissions and start dates for National Leagues confirmed

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina commenced work on arrangements for the new season with council members at 12:00 CEST. Present at the meeting were Dal Pino, Marotta and Lotito were responsible for Serie A, Balata for Lega B, Baumgartner and Lo Monaco for the Lega Pro; Sibilia, Acciardi, Baretti, Frascà and Franchi were responsible for the National Amateur League; Tomassi, Calcagno, Gama and Zambrotta for the players; Beretta and Giatras for the coaches, the President of AIA Nicchi, the President of the Youth and Schools Sector, Tisci, the President of the Technical Sector Albertini; the General Secretary Brunelli, the President of the Women’s Football Division Albertini; UEFA Representative on the FIFA Council Christillin, the Vice President of UEFA UVA, the President of the ECA and member of the UEFA Executive Committee Agnelli. Also invited to the meeting as an auditor was AIAC President Ulivieri. All the councillors, with the exception of Gravina, Dal Pino, Ghirelli, Sibilia, Frascà and Nicchi, joined the meeting by conference call.

The FIGC President opened proceedings by giving a short speech remembering the life of Piergiorgio Gozzer, a player, Coach, and FIGC executive, and a leading light in Italian amateur football. There was also a moment of silence for the Council to honour the memory of Andrea Lastrucci, an international five-a-side referee and Alvaro Annessa, who for more than forty years worked as a warehouse manager for the Italy national teams. Gravina then informed the Council of the latest progress in discussions with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Sport and the Technical and Scientific Committee regarding the requests for an update on the necessary sanitary measures for professional football next season. It is expected that in the next few days, approval will be given, at least to the provisions dealing with testing.

In his statement, the General Secretary revealed the contents of a draft newsletter, with a series of questions and answers, to clarify how protocols for the resumption of amateur and youth football should be implemented.

New appointments
The Council proposed the appointment of six new members to the Antidoping Commission, with Federico Federici, Antonio Cervara, Giuseppe Cozza, Vittorio Valente, Eugenio Gagliardi and Pasquale Colacresi, and nominated various members of the Authorities for Local Sporting Justice, as requested by the National Amateur League.

Response to requests for readmission and substitution ahead of the 2020/21 Serie C season
After four requests prior to the deadline of 27 August, and taking into account the verdicts of the Covisoc and the Infrastructural and Logistical Committee (Commissione Criteri Infrastrutturali e Sportivi-Organizzativi), the Council voted unanimously for the readmission of Giana Erminio and Ravenna. The process was carried out according to articles 65A and 66A of the CC.UU. regulations released on 14 August. It was decided that Legnago Salus would be granted admission to the league to replace Campodarsegno, according to the procedures from article 49, clause C of the Italian Football Federation regulations for internal organisation.

Regulatory Amendments
The Council voted unanimously to accept the request from AIA to modify the AIA Regulations and the rules of operation for the Coaching Bodies, with the aim of updating the organisation of Italian referees in on the basis of various new developments in the last few years. These changes will be finalised with the establishment of a National Refereeing Commission in 2020/21 for Serie A and Serie B.
These changes will be finalised with the establishment of a National Refereeing Commission in 2020/21 for Serie A and Serie B.

Dates for the 2020/21 footballing season and for the National Leagues
The Council implemented the suggestions of the various leagues, establishing the following dates:

Serie A – Start 20 September 2020 - Finish 23 May 2021
Coppa Italia – Final to take place on 19 May 2021
Serie B – Start 26 September – Finish 7 May 2021
Serie C – Start 27 settembre – Finish 25 April 2021
Serie D – Start 20 September – Finish (to be determined)