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Gravina: "The National Team has united the country, from this success there’s a great drive to restart Italy"

The Federal President: "We will evaluate a candidature for the 2028 European Championship or the 2030 World Cup". Exclusions from the professional leagues decided: Chievo not admitted to Serie B, 5 clubs from Lega Pro also not granted a license

Thursday, July 15, 2021


In the Paolo Rossi Hall, a new giant of a picture shows the triumph of the Azzurri at Wembley, while the Henry Delaunay Cup is shown on display behind President Gabriele Gravina during the press conference following the Federal Council meeting, the first after the success of EURO 2020. The President, but also the number one fan, followed from the stands all three round matches played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome to the final at Wembley alongside Head of State Sergio Mattarella. Gravina lived through the entire journey alongside Chiellini and his teammates who brought home the National Team’s second European title in its history. A success that was born a long time ago, also the result of the reorganisation of Club Italia carried out by the FIGC head, and more in general, of that Azzurri Renaissance that allowed Italian football to forget the pain of missing qualification for the Russian World Cup. Upon meeting the journalists, President Gravina stated: "The victory of the Euros gives a great drive to socially and economically restart Italy, it gives this country confidence and is a reason for us to be proud".

Opening the Council meeting, Gravina gave thanks to all those in the delegation as part of the organisation and those behind the scenes, who contributed to the European success. The FIGC head underlined how the Azzurri does not only represent a heritage of hope but also an opportunity for economic growth and widespread well-being, contributing to make Italy a more credible and esteemed country, more inclusive, as well as richer. It is no coincidence that all the major research studies estimate the impact of great football victories to be at least 0.7% of GDP (about 12 billion euros).

The Federal President added: "Thanks to the clear course made at the European Championships the FIGC collected 28 million and 250 thousand Euro. Adding the income from commercial agreements, the increase in the Federation's revenues is about 36 million Euro". Gravina then remembered other initiatives that gave added value to the victory, from the organisation of Casa Azzurri, opened to the public for the first time and visited by over 12 thousand people, to the involvement of the Italians both in Munich for the quarter-final against Belgium, and on the occasion of the three matches played in London.

“One of the things that gave us the greatest pleasure and gratification", he added, "was the involvement of the youngest members. In the last year and a half we have lost 200,000 members due to the pandemic, so seeing so many happy young people in every corner of the country has given us strength and pleasure. The much-criticised football, often cornered as if it were a Cinderella, has given an extraordinary response. Our national team has emotionally involved everyone: children, young people, teens, all wearing the blue jersey. Football knows how to unite people”.

And on the intention to host an international competition in the future, he reiterated: "We will evaluate Italy's candidature for the European Championship in 2028 or the World Cup in 2030, which will celebrate the centenary of the World Championship. Let's play the first game, then we will think about the other. First of all, however, it is necessary to improve the quality of the sports facilities; Gravina added: "We have to improve the condition of the stadiums because if we do not start investing in the infrastructures, we will never be able to aspire to organise such a great event. We are starting a series of collaborations with the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo and the government. We have to do things quickly, for me there is no such thing as 'I don't have the stadiums, but if you give me the event I will build them'. This is not the way to work”.