Gabriele Gravina re-elected as president with over 73% of the votes: he will lead the FIGC until 2024

The election came on the first ballot. Lega Serie A, Lega Serie B, Lega Pro, AIC and AIAC sided with Gravina, the AIA are neutral

Monday, February 22, 2021

Gabriele Gravina re-elected as president with over 73% of the votes: he will lead the FIGC until 2024

Gabriele Gravina was re-elected as president of the FIGC with 73.45% (369, 84) of the votes. The white smoke had already arrived at the first ballot, with the other candidate Cosimo Sibilia stopping at 26.25 (132.17) of the votes. Elected for the first time on October 22, 2018 after the Federation Commissionership, Gravina will lead the FIGC until 2024 and can start playing 'The Match for the Future' (click here), title of the new programmatic platform presented with the candidacy signed by Lega Serie A, Lega Serie B, Lega Pro, AIC and AIAC.

At the Rome Cavalieri A Waldorf Astoria hotel, the Assembly, chaired by former Federal President Franco Carraro, opened in the morning with a minute of remembrance for the victims of Covid-19. Then the institutional greetings took place, with a video message from FIFA President Gianni Infantino and a speech by UEFA Deputy Secretary General Giorgio Marchetti: "Football - said Infantino - can give hope for the future, Italy has played an important role and I would like to congratulate the entire FIGC. I recommend reforms and infrastructure for women's football: united we win and divided we fall". Bringing the greeting of UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, Marchetti stressed that Italian influence is crucial to international football, recalling that the European Championship will start from the Stadio Olimpico in Rome in the summer: "We are working very well with the FIGC and the city of Rome for Euro 2020, hoping that this tournament can end such a complicated year. The Football Federation is carrying out important projects, for example on women's football and the Paralympic and Experimental Division, but the developments need infrastructure and it cannot be denied that Italy has a lot to do in this regard".

The President of CONI Giovanni Malagò also offered words of praise for the FIGC and for how it has been able to deal with the pandemic: "CONI can never be a great CONI if it does not have the FIGC close by and I think that the football Federation will never be able to express its full potential if it does not have the Olympic Committee close by. These are two worlds that should never confront or obstruct each other, even though this understanding is not so obvious, but the goal should be common. I had some doubts about how football should start again after the first lockdown, but I have paid many compliments and I say them again today to both Gabriele Gravina and Cosimo Sibilia, because they both supported the need to get the show back on the road".

Figc Secretary General Marco Brunelli then listed the elected federal councillors: Claudio Lotito and Giuseppe Marotta for Serie A; Giuseppe Pasini and Alessandro Marino for the Lega Pro; Stella Frascà and Daniele Ortolano for the Lega Dilettanti, to which Florio Zanon (North area), Francesco Franchi (Central area), Maria Rita Acciardi (South area) have been added. Representing professional athletes were Davide Biondini and Umberto Calcagno, for amateurs there was Valerio Bernardi and Chiara Marchitelli, for professional technicians Mario Beretta and for amateurs Zoi Gloria Giatras. The presidents of the Leagues and the AIA are on the board by right: Paolo Dal Pino (Serie A), Mauro Balata (Serie B), Francesco Ghirelli, (Lega Pro), Cosimo Sibilia (Dilettanti) and Alfredo Trentalange (AIA)

The President of Serie A Paolo Dal Pino, the President of Serie B Mauro Balata, the President of Lega Pro Francesco Ghirelli and the presidents of AIC and AIAC Umberto Calcagno and Renzo Ulivieri then took to the stage, confirming their support for Gravina. The National Amateur League reiterated its support for Sibilia, while the new President of the AIA Alfredo Trentalange announced the 'neutrality' of the Italian Referees Association in the electoral contest.

Before the vote, which also saw the election of Luca Galea as President of the Board of Auditors, Gravina recalled the achievements of the Federation over the past two years, indicating the objectives to be achieved during the next term, while Sibilia illustrated the salient points of his campaign, explaining that he had applied not for personal ambition, but for 'consistency and linearity'.

After the speeches, it was time for the vote. And Gabriele Gravina was confirmed as president of the FIGC. He will remain at the wheel for the Federation until 2024.

Attendance and results of the vote

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